Childhood Hunger

It may seem silly, but i just got up and got some cheese from my fridge. its my favorite snack. and it occured to me that many children have no snacks tonight. i am grateful to God for the food I have to eat. wont you help these kids tonight>

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We have some big news to share. One million more kids in America are eating school breakfast thanks to you. Two years ago, we announced our ambitious goal of adding one million kids to the breakfast program by 2016 – and we did it. But we could have never done it without your support of No Kid Hungry.

What does this mean? It means one million more kids have the food they need to focus on their school day. It means one million more tests aced, one million more hands raised ready with the answer, and one million more math problems solved. With your support we’ve opened up a whole wide world of learning to one million kids that used to face hunger at school.

We also want to share a special thank you to our incredible corporate partners, Citi and the Kellogg Company, who believe every kid deserves to start the day with breakfast. With their help, we’ve helped schools launch new in-classroom breakfast programs across the country, so that millions more breakfasts are served to kids in need.