Motorcycle Helmets

Motorcycle Helmets
Motorcycle helmets have a purpose, and that is to protect you from accidents and injury when you are riding a motorcycle, ATV or snow mobile. The best way to ensure that your helmets are safe for you is to confirm that they are DOT helmets. The United States Federal Government’s Department of Transportation (DOT) has created strict safety standards for motorcycle helmets to ensure that they are safe for you to wear when riding, especially in the streets. The DOT helmet standards is also referred to as Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 2018.
For a motorcycle to be sold and be called a motorcycle, it must have DOT certification. Every possible type of helmet can be a DOT helmet, and at you will find DOT helmets of numerous colours and styles. In addition, the generously discounted process means that there is are DOT helmets to suit all budgets. These DOT motorcycle helmets include the following: – We also have novelty helmets which are for show and not dotcertified

Dot Full Face Helmets
Highly popular is the full face DOT helmet that covers the entire face offering all round protection. This type of helmet will also protect the base of your skull at the back of your head. For visibility, there is the visor that is able to swivel up and down. These are ideal helmets for use both on and off=road.

DOT Shorty Half Helmets
Back in the 1960’s, this was the most popular style of motorcycle helmets. Today, some riders view this type of helmet as a collector’s item and they are bought and revered. To recognise a DOT shorty half helmet, you will notice that it is similar to an open face helmet, the main difference being that it does not have a bottom section that takes up the shape of a bowl. Therefore, it covers the minimal space possible or allowed by law.

Modular Helmets
When the open face and full face helmet are put together, then the result is the popular modular helmet. Where the full face helmet had only a visor to flip open, with the modular helmet you can flip the entire front section of the helmet open, including the chin section as well. This is what allows the helmet to become a full face helmet.
This hybrid helmet is perfect for people who wear glasses, as it is designed to accommodate them without hassle.

Open Face Helmets
The DOT Open face helmet will cover your face almost to entirety. Your cheeks and ears are protected as is the back of your head. Your eyes, nose and chin are not protected in the same way, meaning that the face is vulnerable to injury in the case of an event. For higher levels of safety, DOT open face helmets include a visor to help with protection of the face or eyes. In some places, the law requires motorcycle riders to wear riding goggles if the intend to wear an Open Face helmet. These are sometimes also referred to as the ¾ helmet.

Novelty Helmets
we have a full range of novelty helmets. sons of anarchy helmets, camo, polo, jockey, german, boneyard, all colors and shapes of novelty helmets

Youth Helmets
we have a good selection of youth kids helmets. mostly atv off road dirt bike helmets. you will find them in all colors and graphics. you will find the perfect youth helmet.

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Showing 1–12 of 191 results