Novelty Helmets

Novelty Helmets
As a motorcycle enthusiast, you should have all the protective gear that you need when riding. Added to your collection though should be some amazing novelty helmets. These are not meant to be worn as protective hear, rather, novelty helmets are simply for show and display. If you do want to wear a novelty helmet, you must make sure that it is DOT certified so that you know it is safe. At, most the novelty helmets we have are DOT certified.
Novelty helmets are available in any style, colour and shape and they typically have amazing designs. We even have a range of novelty helmets that include spikes! Our most popular Novelty Helmets include the following: –
Boneyard Skull
You will find an excellent collection of Boneyard Skull half helmets to choose from. The options are available are great for all riders, whither male or female as they feature plenty of colours and designs. The most popular designs include the Black Skill Motorcycle Half Helmet Boneyard Polo Novelty, Pink Flame Motorcycle Half Helmet Polo Style Novelty, Novelty Motorcycle Half Helmet Flat Black Polo Style and the Purple German Style Skill Motorcycle Half Helmet Novelty. There are also Jockey barnyard helmets available, such as the Blue Jockey boneyard skill motorcycle half helmet.

Chrome Novelty Helmets
There are two different styles of chrome novelty helmets available, and these are the basic chrome half helmet and the German Chrome novelty half helmet. The German Chrome Novelty helmet features a shiny exterior due to having a fiberglass shell and being hand laminated. It is fully lined with steel rivets. Although not DOT certified, it is a stunning piece for display.

German Half Helmets
There are not many helmets that can top the brilliant and classic design of a German Boneyard Skull Novelty Helmet, and you will find an extensive range on the side. Most of the German half helmets are available in black, although there are colour variations in purple and neither of these are your style, you can choose the Gun Metal German Style Motorcycle red. If Half Helmet which is a fabulous shade of silver.
You will also find spiked helmets among the German Motorcycle Novelty half helmets with spikes of different sizes including 3 inch and 4.5 inch.

Camouflage Helmet
Among the jockey style helmets which are made from real fiberglass, you will find the highly durable camouflage novelty motorcycle helmets jockey style. These novelty helmets are light in weight as well.

These motorcycle novelty helmets are of exceptional quality. They are all stylish and well finished. You can choose a glossy helmet or one that is more matte if that is your preference. Remember to get some additional accessories such as goggles to match with your helmet. There is another reason that you should buy a helmet from us. All our helmets are available at bargain prices and we give a donation of the proceeds from each helmet to charities that help children battle cancer. We appreciate your purchase.

Sons of Anarchy Helmets
When seeking the ultimate novelty helmet to add to your collection, you need to get your hands on a Sons of Anarchy helmets. This helmet will bring back delightful memories from the ground breaking show Sons of Anarchy, while helping you experience a motorcycle helmet of exceptional quality.

SOA Sons of Anarchy Flat Black Novelty Motorcycle Half Helmet
This is a helmet that is light in weight as well as being highly durable. This is a half helmet, featuring a comfortable and adjustable Y-Strap retention system, to keep it in place. It also has a steel rivet design along its border that gives it a distinct and memorable look. The surface of the whole helmet is black and matt, and it is made from a high quality fibre glass shell.
You will find that there are no plastic pieces on this novelty helmet. To maintain the highest standards of authenticity and quality, it features metal clips where necessary. The liner of this motorcycle half helmet is deeply luxurious which is excellent for a rider who has placed comfort as a priority.
This helmet is not DOT certified, though when you put it on you will be amazed at its superior fit and comfort, as it fills a gap that no other helmet has filled before. This helmet is not meant to be a safety helmet for protection, therefore, it is more suited for display in a collection.

SOA Sons of Anarchy Glossy Black Novelty Motorcycle Half Helmet
You will find yourself immediately reaching out for this helmet when you notice its deep and opulent glossy finish. This element is an expression of style from its shiny exterior, to the steel rivet design that adds to its overall attitude. For complete comfort, the interior of this helmet is luxuriously lined. To enable quick and easy use, the chin strap is Y shaped and adjustable, so that you can release it with speed.
This helmet is also lightweight due to the materials that have been blended together to create it, one of which is high quality fiberglass. The deep black colouring is also as a result of the best paints available, and the gloss is caused by adding several clear coats to finish it off.
This is not a helmet that you should wear if you are looking for protection, but it is ideal for making a style statement. Due its durability, you can rest assured that you will be able to use this helmet for years to come without issue.

Both of these helmets are an excellent selection for the astute motorcycle rider who is looking to polish up the look of their motorcycle gear. When you wear this helmet, you will avoid the dreaded mushroom look and instead come out looking polished. Part of the proceeds from this helmet are donated to charity to help children who are suffering from cancer. In addition, you will find that you price for this novelty helmet is totally unbeatable.

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Showing 1–12 of 52 results