Motorcycle Saddlebags

Choosing the Best Motorcycle Saddlebag
Motorcycles are thrilling to ride and pump the body full of adrenaline, though, they lack the same storage that you would find in a typical motor vehicle. This should in no way hinder you from hitting the road, for all you need to do is outfit your motorcycle with the right motorcycle saddlebags.
At, we have an extensive selection of synthetic, leather and PVC saddlebags of exceptional quality, at prices that are exceptionally reasonable. Making the right choice can prove challenging, so how do you know which is the best motorcycle saddlebag for you?
Before you make a purchase, you should take into consideration your reason to ride. If you are planning on taking a long excursion, going cross country on a road trip, you will need a sturdy motorcycle saddlebag that can withstand different weather elements.

The Leather Motorcycle Saddlebag
For long trips, a strong leather saddlebag is an excellent option. The bags we have available are the best possible quality, and they are designed to last a lifetime. They are highly durable, and can endure different types of weather. You can get one that has multiple pockets, allowing for more convenient storage.
Aesthetically, these are appealing. Make a choice from a classic plain leather, or leather with studs. There are also leather saddlebags that feature buckles or heavy duty velcr0 fasteners to secure them shut.

The PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag
From the PVC range of motorcycle saddlebags, you are sure to find versatile options that can be used for both long excursions and short trips. There are options that are hard-sided and rigid, which allows them to hold their shape when loaded. A testament to the excellent quality of these bags is the lifetime guarantee that they come with. If you require added security, you can choose a saddlebag that is lockable, or has added security features.

The Synthetic Motorcycle Saddlebag
These are an excellent option if you need a good saddlebag that is cost effective. They are ideal for use in day to day activities, as they are incredibly versatile, and have the added advantage of containing a little more space than the typical leather saddlebag. They feature several compartments, making it easier for you to organise your belongings.

Most saddlebags are sold in pairs, especially those for a throw over mounting. We have a large selection of these available. If this is not your preferred style, we also have hard mount and quick disconnect system saddlebags that will fit your bike like a glove.
On, you will be spoiled for choice, as the desires and needs of motorcycle enthusiasts are quite broad. There are saddlebags to cater to a specified fit for different styles and sizes of motorcycles, and these bags range from small in size to extra-large. You can also choose saddlebags in different colours, with assorted accessories to match your personal style.
The right saddlebag will completely change the look and feel of your motorcycle, while also adding functionality and convenience to it.

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Showing 1–12 of 46 results